Addicted to your iPhone? Download iMaddicted 100% FREE!

Built to Stop Impulsive Phone Usage.

Guilty of picking up your phone even when you don't need to use it? Put a stop to impulse cell phone checking with an app designed humorously towards the cell phone addicted. What did you pick up your phone for? If you have to ask, then you have a problem.

Safer Driving. Better Socializing. More Focus.

iMaddicted helps you drive safer by preventing texting while driving so you can focus on the road. It also helps you avoid using your phone during social situations. Checking your phone when you should be studying? Put that cell phone down and let iMaddicted help you focus.

Curb Your Cell Phone Addiction.

Finally see what it feels like to put your phone down...and to leave it down. iMaddicted will alert you when you're moving your phone and will tell you to leave it alone, literally. Download the iMaddicted app to diagnose your addiction level, share your results and then use the app to prevent further obsessive use.

Recent studies and news reports confirm that cell phone addiction is on the rise. With your education, safety, focus and overall health at risk it is finally time for you to have an app that helps solve this problem. Download iMaddicted today to access the first (and best) app to help stop impulsive cell phone use. Do it for the children.

  • Funny Alerts. iMaddicted uses entertaining audio alerts to tell you to put your phone down.
  • Intuitive Interface. It couldn't be easier to setup and get going right away. Tap and enjoy.
  • 100% Free. No cost to download and use full functionality. The only free phone addiction rehabilitation.

About Us

The first app ever to help stop cell phone addiction. Get better focused and give your phone a rest.

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